2019新加坡拍卖会 湖南省造光绪元宝/大清铜币





【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被 发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。

The[Tibetan. Recommendation] column recommends to the buyers the art treasures selected by the national level expert for the strong dissemination effect of the collection, and connects the Tibetans to allow the value of thousands of art treasures to be discovered and valued. The auction can be high. Price transaction.



规格直径:28.2mm 重量:7.2 g

直径:28.1mm 重量:7.8 g


[Name] Hunan Province made Guangxu Yuanbao / Daqing Copper Coin

SpecificationDiameter: 28.2 mm Weight: 7.2 g
Diameter: 28.1 mm Weight: 7.8 g




Guangxu Yuanbao, as the main currency in the late Qing Dynasty, occupied the dominant position of the economy. At the same time, Guangxu Yuanbao was the first issued and circulated currency to introduce overseas technology in China. According to historical records, there were a total of 19 provincial bureaus and bureaus in addition to the Central Household Department. casting, All provincial and provincial coins are written on the front edge of the provincial name. Due to the turmoil of the late Qing Dynasty, the war brought indelible losses. Guangxu Yuanbao, which once had a huge circulation, became gradually scarce. Because of such historical reasons, Guangxu Yuanbao now has a huge collection value. It has become a big hit in the coin collection market today, and Guangxu Yuanbao, which is of good quality, has a higher market value.
Guangxu Yuanbao was in the Qing Dynasty. When Emperor Guangxu was in power, because Empress Dowager Cixi was in power, Emperor Guangxu focused all his energy on the casting of coins. Therefore, every ancient coin Guangxu Yuanbao is very beautiful in terms of design or creation. The pattern is very beautiful. It can be said to be a masterpiece of ancient coins in China.



This collection is recommended for the Singapore auction, welcome to the company's appreciation and consultation, the majority of collectors through the major media and welcome to the company to understand the details, if the intention to purchase, in advance of the relevant procedures to come to the company for consultation. A collection of transactions can not be separated from advertising! Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the "open, fair, fair, honest, trustworthy" service principles, relevant qualifications are complete, do the most practical publicity, the most high-end platform, enjoy the best service. Special tips:(The above collections are sold by the owner of the collection, and we welcome collectors from all walks of life to consult or bid. The pictures are all taken in kind. If there is any doubt, we can make an appointment to watch the object).




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