The circulation time of copper COINS in the Qing Dynasty was short and the format was various. Many Emperors issued copper COINS to serve as the currency in the qing Dynasty, which gradually facilitated the transaction. Today, the Qing copper COINS are known as "one of the top ten famous pieces" due to their exquisite carving, elegant design and rare amount of existence, enjoying a good reputation in the collection market at home and abroad.




  In Qing Dynasty, there were many types of bronze round plates, especially the ten ones. At the end of The Qing Dynasty, all the 17 provinces and 20 bureaus that started casting copper circles were cast as ten copper circles, while only some provincial bureaus were casting copper circles with two, five and twenty figures. Therefore, the collection method of copper circle listed in this paper, only when the ten copper circle.


  At the end of the Qing Dynasty, many provincial authorities cast various patterns of back dragon as the ten copper round, especially in the "Guangxu Yuan Bao" when the ten copper round, this phenomenon is quite prominent. If Hubei makes "Guangxu yuan treasure" when ten copper round, namely has the big coil dragon, the small coil dragon, the extremely large coil dragon, the water dragon, sits the dragon, the bead circle water dragon, the bead circle sits the dragon and so on many kinds of back dragon pattern. In the 31st year of guangxu (1905), in order to rectify the Won method, the Qing government ordered to stop the casting of "Guangxu yuan Bao", and to change the casting of "Qing copper COINS", and issued by the central unified mold. Therefore, the dragon back pattern of "Qing copper COINS" is relatively uniform, but it is not completely undifferentiated. For example, "E" inscription "Qing copper COINS" when the ten copper yuan, there are "the Ministry awarded the Qing dragon" and "Hubei qing dragon" the division; "Xiang" Ming "Qing copper COINS", there are also "ministry awarded the Qing dragon", "Yi word dragon", "humpback dragon", "broomstick dragon" points.




  Copper prices rose sharply in the late Qing Dynasty, private destruction of money for copper, to obtain several times the profit, the market appeared money shortage. Because guangdong stops to make money, the market makes money day lack, small amount circulates very inconvenient. In order to save the money shortage and at the same time under the influence of Hong Kong coppers and foreign currencies, in June 26th, Guangxu, Governor Dechou of Guangdong and former Governor Li Hongzhang issued a letter of approval for the casting of guangdong coppers imitating Hong Kong coppers. Therefore, the qing dynasty mechanism of copper casting from the beginning of Guangdong. Then Fujian, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other provinces have been copy - cast copper yuan.


  Great Qing copper COINS the ministry of e words when making money ten text. Coin front bead circle inside the book "big qing copper coin" four words read directly, in the middle of the Yin engraved "E" word. Outside the circle of beads on the book manwen fonts, about the book "C""noon" and "household""department" two words, the ring book "when making money ten text"; Coin on the back of the circle inside the coiling dragon decoration, bead ring outside the book "Guangxu Year", the book "Qing Copper coin" English words. The front text is handsome and beautiful, majestic, the back of the dragon pattern to create a deep and clear, including pulp nature, superb casting. A little green rust does not affect the product phase, adding a bit of historical charm, complementary to each other, bringing out the best in each other.


  In recent years, "qing afternoon ten coppers of c" clap a sky-high auction countries in the world news is nothing new, but the "qing afternoon ten coppers of c" world amount is few and far between, prices soaring along the way, many antiques in the market for "qing afternoon ten coppers of c" mostly replicas. Because of this, the collection of a "Qing Copper COINS department c noon ten text" has become a coin lovers of a dream.



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