China has a long history and civilization, and the ancient culture is broad and profound. The ancient Chinese civilization founded by our ancestors has derived many brilliant treasures. Today, a considerable part of the treasures left by Chinese ancestors are stored in museums everywhere in the form of antiques, and a large part of them are lost in foreign antique markets as antiques. In recent years, countless precious cultural relics have been found in overseas markets almost every year.




  Bronze ware is a symbol of world civilization. Chinese bronzes are exquisitely made, enjoy a high reputation and artistic value in the world bronzes, and represent the superb technology and culture of China's Bronze development for more than 4000 years. Although the price of bronzes in the domestic market is not high, and the overall market has been tepid, even so, bronze collection has always been regarded as a high-quality collection that can be played by senior collectors in the field of collection.






  Collecting bronzes is a kind of knowledge, which needs not only the support of theoretical knowledge, but also the accumulation of practical experience. Collecting bronzes does not depend on the size of the objects, but on whether there are inscriptions on the objects. Even if it is a small miscellaneous weapon, its value will increase sharply with inscriptions. For example, a bronze plate displayed in the poly museum is very small. It is only as big as the palm of an adult man, and gair has been lost. However, this small plate is of great significance, because there are inscriptions in the center of the plate. The inscriptions are written by the descendants of Dayu, which clearly records the history of Dayu's flood control for the people. Of course, the value of a bronze ware is multifaceted. Bronze ware with good shape, good decoration and clear inscriptions has the best collection value.


  This Tibetan bronze pot made of bronze has an open shallow belly and a narrow side lip. The inner bottom is slightly concave downward, a pair of appendages are higher than the disc opening, and a pair of beams are connected with the disc edge next to the two ears, and the ring feet are slightly incomplete. It has high historical value! Great collection investment value!



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